Three ways to vote your EOS tokens

1. Secure EOS Voting desktop application:

This application has not been verified by Block.One or the Block Producers but LiquidEOS/Bancor says it is secure and the source code as been posted for review. You can download the program and run it on your own computer without entering your private keys in a web interface. Bancor is a respected company with large financial reserves and has every reason to be trustworthy, however the code has not been fully and independantly audited at this time. There may be some risk. We present it here as a convenience for EOS holders.

2. Use the web interface below with Scatter.

This method uses the same program from LiquidEOS/Bancor but with the web interface Scatter. It should be considered as safe as method 1.

Downloadable EOS Voting Tool

This standalone EOS voting application signs transactions locally with your private key and then executes the transaction on the blockchain. This approach aims to be secure while adding convenience for users who do not feel comfortable compiling and running EOS's native command line wallet cleos.

Download Scatter

Scatter is a web interface for the EOS blockchain similar to MetaMask for Ethereum. It is a browser extension that can sign transactions and run commands on the blockchain directly from your browser. Your keys stay local on your computer and do not travel on the web.

Unlock your Scatter

Once you install the Scatter browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, be sure to unlock it for use.

You can get instructions for using Scatter on the Scatter website

Import Private Key and Account

Import the EOS public and private keys you received when you registered your tokens.
Configure your identity.
Go to account section and set the endpoint for the mainnet and the key you just imported. Click Import.
Select the @active account and click "Use Selected Account"
Click Save to save the Identity.

Click here to vote or use the "Init Scatter" button.

3. CLEOS - The EOS native command line wallet.

This is the only method considered 100% safe and is therefore the only one endorsed by Block.one and the Mainnet Launch Block Producer Candidated. Using cleos requires that you install the EOS development environment on your computer. You can download it from the EOSIO Github Public Repository

    Your EOS Account Name.
If you have cleos installed, you can copy paste this into your command line.
./cleos.sh system voteproducer prods accountname eosamericas2 -p accountname

Select Owner Total Votes Percentage of Votes